Alejandra Maria Rodriguez

Fall 2016

San Jose State University

Department of Art & Art History

MFA Program in Photography


My name is Alejandra Rodriguez and I am a San Jose, California native. Since I’ve graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Studies in 2012, I’ve explored many avenues in the workforce. When I began to consider photography as my core avenue for expression, the bokeh of my untapped potential began to come into focus.

I am drawn to ideas that have always been within me, ideas that have been a part of my cultural identity that started here in San Jose and whose roots extend beyond borders, in different languages, genres, flavors and colors. Chicano theater, social activism, and music were how I was raised to bring awareness of social and economic issues to a community. I believe these ideas are not holding a strong enough place in contemporary art and are also not represented enough by Latina photographers in contemporary art. Now especially, amongst current political, social and economic turmoil in our country and the rest world. I’d like to return to academic study and pursue a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography at San Jose State University in Fall of this year to cross and redefine the ideas of contemporary art.

San Jose State’s Photography Graduate Program appeals to my direction of work because it provides extensive resources through the diverse faculty made up of artists and experts in the field. I see a complimentary of environment and education at San Jose State. The Bay Area undoubtedly yields a great deal of inspiration and this program welcomes a wide range of approaches to photography. The direction of my work moves towards social and economic awareness through photography and as a graduate student, I’d like to learn how to aesthetically combine with my ideas through different mediums while developing the technical proficiency and creativity needed to become successful in this field. I know that there would not be a better place for me to fuel these ideas than here in San Jose, where my identity and the foundation of my inspiration thrives.

I have personally observed students work that are a part of both the Photography and Digital Media Arts Program at San Jose State University from online communities and venturing to see artist’s work displayed on campus and in local galleries. I have seen firsthand how the environment of San Jose State University’s Graduate Program encourages so many unique artists to flourish and this makes me especially excited to be able to interact with such a talented group of students and faculty. I believe my pursuit of education in the fine arts will be welcomed and advanced with the support of the Photography Graduate Program at SJSU. I hope that your faculty sees a potential in me that looks further than my past academia experience and instead towards the potential I know is untapped and ready to be refined.


Thank you for the consideration of my application.