Landy’s Family Photos

Date: Sunday, August 4th 2019 @ 6:00pm

Location: Santa Teresa County Park, Bernal Rd, San Jose, CA 95120

Meeting location: Reception gets a little fuzzy there so I'd like to meet you guys beforehand at the Starbucks which is on the bottom of the hill in the residential area.
Let's meet here at 5:45 pm on your session date Sunday, 8/4
7026 Santa Teresa Blvd, San Jose, CA 95139

Mini Style Guide

When shooting portraits, the way all the outfits and accessories of each family member are in harmony will truly be the icing on the cake and pull everything together. Here are some tips for your family photos

Choosing Colors

Don’t go for one color for all family members, but choose a couple of colors that are in harmony. Once you choose your color scheme, stick to it! Certain color schemes go well with a Spring setting. See some examples of color schemes below:


Additional Tips

  • I recommend guys to wear solid colors with like jeans or khakis or with a simple patterned shirt that falls into these colors. The women can do the same or wear a patterned dress in the same color scheme.

  • If your partner is in a pattern, I recommend that both of you are not in a pattern so that when you stand next to one another they don’t clash. Pastel patterns spread out in the group will look great.

  • It might sound like a fun idea to wear funky prints or let your little ones wear their favorite Disney character on their shirt, but these elements can be distracting on the final picture. Instead, choose patterns like a beautiful print for mom and a subtle pattern for one of the kids and then choose complimenting tones and colors for the rest of the family. I recommend that no one wears things that have cartoons or brand logos that are big and obvious.

  • Accessories like jewelry and jackets can add character to your photos. Use these sparingly in your photos.

  • Do: Wear layers for added texture. Choose clothing you are comfortable in. Bring comfortable shoes and an extra pair to walk in if your shoes aren’t.

  • Don’t: Wear extremely fitted clothing, having movement in dresses and tops photographs beautifully and you want to feel comfortable!


Have fun and look fly

Following these suggestions and where to shop will have you on your way to portraits that are beautifully styled and timeless! I want you to relax and be yourselves while I capture real moments that reflect the authentic connection between you all. If you need some extra inspiration, check out Pinterest for outfit ideas! Stick to pastels and or muted colors so that you don’t blend in with the background location which will be a beautiful golden field. Here is a Pinterest board you can reference to that has a lot of examples for options:

Pinterest Styling for Photos

Photo timeline rough draft:


  • Solo photo or with Kay

  • Mama & papa

  • Kay may not be here, save room for Editi

  • If Kay not here Landy & Siliva

  • Sister photo

Siaosi & Veronica - Couple photo

  • Mama & papa

  • Family photo

    Siaosi & Malia - brother & sister photo

Landy & Anthony - Couple photo

  • Landy w/ mama & papa

Cake photo at the end with everyone in the back & maybe add sparklers

Mama & Papa - Couple photoSiblings, partners, grandkids + great grandkids (everyone)

Siblings only

Sons w/ papa

Daughters w/ mama

Sons w/ mama

Daughters w/ papa

Grandkids Great grandkids w/ mama & papa


Great grandkids

Simi & Kalika - Couple photo

  • Mama & papa

  • Family photo

    Matt & Denise - Couple photo

  • Matt & Denise with kids

    Nick & Tanya - Couple photo

    Mariah solo photo