On Tradition: Beauty Regimen

The first time I wanted to really start wearing make-up was in junior high and Cover Girl compacts were so in. I asked my mom to buy me one and I took shear pleasure in opening the compact and patting and smoothing make-up on in circular motions as if I had so much to cover up. In photos I'd look like a ghost and no matter what color compact I got, it just didn't seem to blend so well with my skin. My mom would try to let me down lightly that I was overdoing it and only recently have I realized that less is more! Now I have my regimens pretty much down. I know what works for me:

Face: Olay Broad Spectrum Moisturizer with SPF 15Maybelline BB cream or Bobbi Brown Sin FoundationWell Dressed by MAC for blush

Eyebrows: get filled in with a MAC Angled Brow Brush and MAC Espresso eyeshadow

Eyes: eyelash curler and some Voluminous Million Lashes, I don't do eye shadow except maybe some shimmer on my lids if I'm feeling fancy

Crucial: My make up comes off every night, even if it's 3AM, with my absolute fave Neutrogena Make up removing wipes

My gfs have some interesting makeup rituals down, too. Anabel swears by Tart BB Cream for daytime and Korres Greek Yogurt for night cream. Ashley & Mumtuz love Olay moisturizer as well and Ash uses a homemade facial scrub which is important for her skin since she loves wearing makeup. Mario uses Cetaphil for face wash because its the only one that doesn't irritate his skin and at night puts Vasaline on his face to keep it smooth like a baby's bottom. Jenna uses an exfoliating scrub often and is religious about grape seed & tea tree oil and Dabay loves her Clarasonic Micro Massager and coconut oil.

These girls have pretty great skin and always look "I woke up like dis" type of flawless with or without make up. Learning their beauty rituals made me consider trying some new stuff out. Guess that's what traditions are for, to be passed down from pearlfriend to pearlfriend. :)