On Tradition: Trending

Are there such things as trendy traditions? I think so. They come in the form of dessert tables, photo booths, and paper lanterns. Mason jars, vintage books, and banners. Maybe Pinterest deserves credit or reality TV baking shows nonetheless they're here, they're happening and we all love them.

Gone are the days where disposable cameras are left in the center of the table for you to forget to use or leave behind. Where cake is the only dessert served at a birthday party. Where ceiling lights (like the ones in your high school science class), illuminate an event.

No, we want a photo booth that customizes it's prints and 10 extra points if its a vintage one. We want salt water taffy, popcorn, macaroons and off brand M&Ms in specific color codes that match the bridesmaids dresses. Paper lanterns will gracefully be strung along barn yard wooden ceiling planks causing your eyes to squint to see your name card and you're too enamored to complain.

PS. Dabay is posting photos from here wedding this week in honor of her 2 year anniversary. She styled her own wedding from A to Z and it was the best I've ever seen anyone do. I was so lucky to be in the wedding. Check it out here!

Photo by: Emily Takes Photos

Photo by: Emily Takes Photos