San Francisco • Day Trip

A day date with my wonderful friend Mario was overdue. We packed up a blanket and headed over to Dolores Park in San Francisco to enjoy our goodies from Whole Foods like pesto humus, salami, crackers, and cheese topped off with Apple Pie Moonshine and sparkling water. I loved everything about this day and the only thing I'm regretting is the Apple Pie Moonshine. Never. Again.

Dolores Park never fails on entertainment. It's the best place to people watch and appreciate the diversity that infuses the Mission District neighborhood. Everyone is doing their own thing and Mario and I jumped on that bandwagon immediately. We overheard debates in different languages (that I tried my best to eavesdrop and understand), watched a woman with pink hair take selfies via her selfie stick all over the park, and made sure to move my car every two hours to avoid a parking ticket. It was an eventful first half of the day that turned into night. We decided to celebrate Fat Tuesday the right way by overindulging in this beautiful city I called home for 2 years back in college.

When we left Dolores Park to hit up The Castro, I pulled over to snap some shots on 21st and Sanchez which offers amazing views from every corner of that intersection...

IMG_7379 (853x1280).jpg

Once at The Castro we walked the rainbow crosswalks to different bars and shops. I had fun observing the people who are lucky enough to have apartments above the bars and cafes come home from work and eat in their kitchen (I looked like a creep but I was green with envy!). We said yes to all the drink specials and watched a street band play a trombone, french horn, snare drum, and saxophone as passersbyers dropped cash into their open trunk. It was a divine day/night in the city and I'm so lucky to have this guy to spend it with. Love you Mar!

IMG_7567 (1280x853).jpg
IMG_7517 (1280x853).jpg