Serial Podcast

I couldn't let another week slip by without gushing over a new podcast that everyone and their mom, literally, in my circle is addicted to. Thanks to Dabay, who, thanks to Joanna, found out about this thrilling record breaking program put on by the wonderful people at This American Life called Serial. Here's a part of an email I sent off today to a friend when he asked about audio-books I'd recommend: 

"Currently, I'm hooked on this podcast which is free and available through your Podcast app on your iPhone. It's called Serial and is an episode a week podcast that is sifting through a murder that happened 15 years ago in Baltimore which resulted in a 17 year old girl being murdered and the jury finding her ex-boyfriend guilty of the crime. Friends of Adnan, the guy convicted of this and who is still in prison today, approached Sarah Koenig for help to reevaluate the case and to help prove Adnan's innocence. This is a real overview of all the details of the case and it's SO interesting. This podcast has broken iTunes records for being the fastest podcast to reach 5 million downloads. I highly recommend this podcast which actually feels like your listening to an audio-book. So far there are 9 "episodes" so, catch up...NOW."

I can't tell you just how many people I've shared this new fascination with. If you saw my text message history you'd see me mention it, almost forcing it, on every group chat I'm in. I've sent emails to my family members, made friends I haven't seen in years download it in front of me at our reunion dinners, distracted my coworkers with my often over explanatory being, and even made a vine about it. People, I'm hooked. Even if you download the podcast through the iTunes app you should still visit the page and pour over the evidence made available and resources created to help us addicts understand the case even more (like this). Because of Serial, my friends and I have better things to discuss than Kim Kardashian's booty pics in Paper magazine. 

Until next time...*ques Serial piano music*