Rudy • Photo Session

Meet Rudy. She's funky, she's down, she's family. When I see her my ideas flow and it was about time that I got her in front of my lens. I found it so easy to photograph her because even without the camera being there, Rudy's posture reflects her personality: on point and interesting.

Rudy is my cousin, rather, cousin-in-law. Well, actually she's my cousin's girlfriend but they've been together for almost a decade (this year it will be 10 years). I love listening to her hilarious stories and the way she impersonates people, her jokes and how she strikes a pose to make me laugh my ass off no matter the situation. I love Rudy and have some pretty awesome memories with her. Like that time we went to Miami together and she hid a joint in her bra on the plane ride there. I was shitting bricks but she was cool. Especially being that it was her first time ever being on a plane.

My beautiful cousin is one of the most resourceful people I know. Every time I see her she's wearing the cutest most funky outfits that all have a great story behind them. Last Sunday the wrap she had draping over her head and shoulders was from Jerusalem and a gift from a friend. The skirt she was wearing that day was actually originally my dress from Miami that I gave her which she transformed by melting a plastic pen cap to bring together certain points of the dress to create a whole new fit. She's basically the most interesting person I know. 

I love everything from her opal bull nose ring to her boat shoes that lace up past her ankles. Especially when she jokes about, "Wearin boat shoes but a bitch ain't never been on a boat in her life!" LOL

Rudy is so fun and probably the only person who'd make a bazooka out of a bouquet of sunflowers resulting in a great photo that reminded me of one of the last scenes in Scarface, "Say hello to my little friend!" I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.