Nica • Photo Session

Shout out to Nica for surviving this photo session though. That day along the back roads of the Mt. Hamilton hills we decided to be adventurous and explore the remains of a huge shed that reminded me us of the herbology greenhouse at Hogwarts. The wind was so strong that the shed swayed back and forth warning us to keep our distance, so we did. The haunting sounds of the wood creaking served as our background music and we cautiously moved forward with our mini shoot. 

Nica is one of my best gfs and she graduated from nursing school and next up is her NCLEX (state exams) to become a licensed RN. We were all witnesses to her unwavering hard work and dedication. Being a part of a program that challenged it's students to the point of  giving up only made her stronger. When she walked across that stage, meeting her parents halfway to receive her pin, we all remembered the adversity she's faced through her journey and for her to be a part of the small group of nurses graduating that evening can only mean one thing: she is Superwoman (or Turtle Girl 525, whatever). 

So, I guess it shouldn't surprise me that she can look fly as hell in the freezing cold windchill that day along Mt. Hamilton. So fly that a car full of guys speeding by swerved to a screeching stop just to say hi. They totally almost crashed, no joke. Come on, this girl interprets charts and makes critical decisions about patient's needs. She administers medications, performs wound care, and HELLO: stops speeding cars with a single look. All of this is definitely basis for super powers.