Javier Cuauhtemoc // Brother

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How are you 25? I'm 25, rather, I decided I would stay 25 forever so I guess we're finally the same age. Fancy that! Cheers to the brother who makes all of my friends laugh with his under the breath jokes even when they first meet him and comments things like "Who the fuck is this guy?" under my Instagram pictures if I was hanging out with someone new.

The brother who moved away and broke our hearts because he was the glue of our family and since he's been gone we've been forced to relearn how to deal with each other. To my only sibling who has always been there to pick up the pieces after I went through anything by making me laugh, picking me up when I'd get too sick from drinking, and telling me to shut up when I'd rant. To my partner in dancing hysterically while driving on the freeway to everything from Jimmy Eat World to Outkast.

I love the way you rile my grandma up with your Spanglish jokes such as "Alejandra esta pregnant" or "All of my friends son narcos" - her reactions are Vine worthy. I'm so proud of your house, the way you're so orderly and particular, and how you're the voice of reason in our family group chat. I love you brother bear and without you I'd be the only child which would've been OK but not as interesting because who would've written on my things with permanent marker when I was 12 just to piss me off? Oh and did I mention that you are at your flyest, healthiest, and I think that 2015 is your year?! Well, you are and I do.


PS. See you in 3 days.