On Music: Discovering It

Mariah and I had to draw each other as one of our first in-class assignments for Introduction to Drawing. It's kind of awkward when you're forced to stare into a strangers face for a couple hours but we ended up breaking the ice with good conversation that day. Since then, I'd see Mariah in class always with headphones on and music blasting. I would wonder what she was listening to so, I finally asked.

She just got into Electronic Dance Music also known as EDM. Her friends had been to raves and she recently attended Beyond Wonderland in September to find out for herself what it was all about and she loved it. It was beyond just music. It was the words, the feeling, and the way it effected her perspective on the world around her. From that point on she's been hooked and uses Pandora and You Tube to continue to discover. The way she described her multi-sensory experience with EDM solidified my belief that you gotta feel music for it to make a difference.

Meet Greg. Greg is in a couple of my classes at school and when we began to talk assignments and our lack of beginning our Photoshop homework, (he's doing a Bill Cosby montage), the subject of music arose. Greg's taking classes at our school to get his portfolio going so he can apply to an art school soon. He's interested in animation and creating comic books which is why he's in drawing class with me. He has some pretty cool interests so, I wasn't surprised when he said he collects vinyls.

"I just got 100 vinyls for $260 at a garage sale", he said. What a steal! He also uses Spotify and mentioned that Fry's has a cool selection of vinyls and gladly ventures to thrift stores for them, too. He likes to discover music on his own and enjoys all kinds of genres such as electric, rock and roll, blues, funk, dance music, and jazz. I snapped a few photos and promised to pick his brain later on vinyls since I've been hearing about their comeback lately. We then both got back to drawing so we could be one less assignment behind in the homework world.

I really enjoyed talking to Mariah and Greg about how they do music. The correlation between the act of going out to discover music and the satisfaction of successfully encountering it seems quite cathartic. It can turn you on to a new type of lifestyle or get you into a hobby like collecting vinyls. Music festivals, thrift shops, and garage sales - kudos to my adventurous classmates who don't hesitate to conquer new music. I'm the friend who's there reaping all the benefits of their music recommends. Thanks guys!