On Music: Creating It

To continue with posts on music this week I'd like to give ode to those of us who take the time to not only discover and share music but who create and perform it. The other morning as I pulled up to class I saw Daniel and Kristian ("Kristian with a K") skateboarding in the parking lot. I started to talk to them about how they do music and I ended up finding out some interesting things about these two.

Daniel listens to hip hop mostly and uses Spotify and You Tube to look for artists and see live performances. He shares a subscription with his group of friends and they all collaborate on playlists together. Daniel and Kristian watch a lot of skateboarding videos and that's also where they hear new music. They tune into Magenta Skateboards on You Tube to keep up with the different skateboarding scenes around the world. Most recently, Magenta Skateboards did a short film on their company's connection with the skateboarding scene in Perth, Australia. Their videos are visually interesting and kinda funny. They're backed up with  beats from different genres of music, everything from jazz to hip hop.

IMG_4003_edit (1280x853)

Kristian is also an artist. His first love is the drums but he also plays the bass guitar and just started learning how to play the piano. He produces beats and goes to school for mechanical engineering all while being a part of an indie band called The Forbin Project and a jazz/hip hop/rock band called The Mark Arroyo Trio. This kid stays busy! It's admirable to see someone be so involved, listening, discovering, and creating.

We exchanged ideas on the music scene in the Bay Area and pretty soon we were all late to class and getting badgered by security about them skating in the parking lot. Needless to say it was an experience and I loved picking the minds of these young music lovers. Cheers!