On Music

We see music, create music, share music, discover and of course listen to music. Music is a multi-sensory experience. I associate the action of listening to music with not only what I got bumping through my speakers but also with what I'm feeling and seeing in that moment. In education, multi-sensory teaching is a successful tool because it engages students on multiple levels and creates associations for them by using more than one of their senses. Music is no different and allows us to be the students as well as the teachers...

How do I do music? I primarily use Spotify or Pandora and I'm not one to spend time looking for new artists. Instead, I'd rather be introduced to music through someone, by something, or at some place. When a person goes out of their way to share with me a song or an artist I immediately associate that with good feeling. The simple act of someone sharing with me what they enjoy creates a permanent and positive association. Music stations on the radio or Pandora expose me to artists that I may have never heard of or come across and it's like unsolicited advice but in a good way. Or, when I see an artist live or an amazing music video a deeper connection infuses my memory and usually will stick with me forever.

This week I'd like to focus on music and how it extends beyond just listening. How we listen to music, I believe, is more effective when it involves more than one of our five senses. I'll be talking to different people about this idea and how they do music. Stay tuned! 

PS. I went to a show by myself this weekend in San Francisco. I saw the beloved Afie Jurvanen who performs under the name Bahamas and he's a Canadian folk artist whose music I was introduced to through a friend a couple years ago. I love his fun lyrics and watching him perform. This was my second time seeing him live. It was such an experience and I highly recommend his music. He just released a new album called Bahamas is Afie and really really good. My favorite song on this album is Bitter Memories.


This photo is of the very talented Basia Bulat who opened for Afie that night and is known for performing w/her autoharp. She's really sweet and sings with a fierceness that gave me a wonderful first impression. She's also Canadian which I love!