Feature Clothing • BTS

Allow me to throw it back on this lovely Thursday afternoon to Saturday when my high school sweethearts Kyyah Lane and Jacklyn Nguyen invited me to see where the magic is made for FEATURE, their clothing boutique that embodies the style of "...today's complex, young woman." Complex indeed because the New Noir Faux Leather Bra catches my eyes in the same blink as the Plaid About You dress. FEATURE plays to both sides of my personality: sexy if you're lucky, tomboy femm when I feel like it.

So, in a studio tucked away somewhere by downtown San Jose I stayed out of the way as Kyyah and Jacklyn styled up model Sterling Clairmont, Johanna Vu did her thang on make-up and hair, and Jeremy Castillo and Mark Tran photographed and set up a beautiful Northern Lights inspired shoot. I felt like I was looking through a keyhole as these talented folks #werked the hell out of this shoot. Here’s what I got…

In mid prep, blurry, color, or black + white...FEATURE and Sterling are a hot commodity. Let me just continue, this shit speaks for itself...

IMG_5050 (1280x853).jpg
IMG_5020 (1280x853).jpg
IMG_5080 (1280x853).jpg

Shout out to you wonderful, talented, hilarious, creative, and vivacious people. Too much inspiration was floating around that studio, excuse me if I obnoxiously boast for this team. Stay tuned for more in the future from FEATURE on June Soul and in the meantime shop at their boutique + follow them on Instagram @shopfeature.


PS. When you find find out that your celeb crush had a 2 second romance with someone you know, this happens. (Don't deny your obsession Jacklyn.)