Side Profiles

I've been kind of obsessed with people's side profiles lately. I love how different everyone looks and you notice who has sharper features versus softer ones. I also like making people feel like they're getting their mugshot taken in public haha! In my Photoshop class we're learning about clipping masks so I combined my idea of capturing people's unique side profiles with my new favorite feature.

For a long time I rejected my side profile because I hated how my nose and chin were sharp and not textbook feminine. Now that I'm older I've totally embraced my features and love that my side profile embodies unique curves that have been passed down to me through my gene pool. I always appreciate people's unique features and especially find them attractive in men. These kinds of attributes are beautiful to me and are everything but flaws. Thank you to my friends above who did the unconventional thing and turned to the side for me to put my idea into motion.

Artwork provided by DesignLoveFest who featured work from:Julia Kostreva, Katherine Jury, Patricia Shen, KT Smail, No Ocean, The Weaver House