Saturday Sessions

This weekend I was photographing Jaime for an upcoming project and invited myself to his tattoo session later that morning at State of Grace Tattoo located in Japantown. We started off at Peter's Bakery which is a local counter serve bake shop in the heart of Eastside San Jose. I identify with Peter's Bakery because while growing up the burnt almond cake was a family favorite and we loved supporting a local business. Jaime says it's the donuts that have his heart and even bought the guy who works at the Starbucks across the street some when he found out he had never tried them. After Peter's Bakery we headed down to the spot I had envisioned for our shoot and I snapped some photos before heading to State of Grace. The tattoo session was a blend of buzzing needles and good hip hop. Conversations with the artists of State of Grace on travel and the current real estate market in the Bay Area completed the morning's soundtrack. Drew, Jaime's tattoo artist, was such a great sport about letting me be all up in his face with my lens.

As I left the tattoo session in a daze of exhaustion from my own early morning call time, I reflected at how beneficial it was to reach out to people about my photography and interviews. Can't wait to share more, stay tuned!

PS. I tried my best to capture the mood of this Saturday Session in 15 seconds - check it out.