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Merry Christmas Eve! This is definitely the sweetest season and I’d love to introduce you to a friend of mine who knows a thing or two about kepein it sweet. I recently worked with Danielle of My Goodies by Danielle in creating a promo video for her gourmet cupcake business. What I love about what she does (besides the fact that her goodies are to die for): Everything she does, she does with an unwavering faith in God.

Danielle invited me into her kitchen to snap some photos, shoot some video, and let me in on how she gets down to baking business. The backdrop: a chalkboard painted wall adorned with cute sketches, cupcake recipes and new flavor ideas. The soundtrack: Closer by Goapele because Danielle is closer to her dreams and Goapele is a Bay Area native so we had to represent! Check out one of the promo videos made by June Soul for My Goodies by Danielle and the interview below.

Cupcake Conversations: My Goodies by Danielle, Love at first bite.

Tell me the basics and something not so basic. I’m Danielle Perez, I’m 26 years old, and grew up on the East Side of San Jose. I’m the youngest of 4 (two brothers, one sister) and I still love to sing along to Disney songs (especially while I'm baking) they put me in a good mood! 

What type of desserts, other than cupcakes, do you offer? My Goodies by Danielle specializes in gourmet cupcakes and special occasion cakes. I also make cake pops, chocolate dipped strawberries, and chocolate dipped pretzels for large birthday orders.

Was there a moment you began taking your daydreams more seriously like when loose talk became action? The moment I started taking baking more seriously was when I began selling my cupcakes at my dad's BBQ catering business. Everyone loved them so I decided to pursue my passion for baking after I felt all that support from my customers. A big moment for me was also when my first logo was created. 

Dare I even ask this…are you a dessert person? What's your favorite dessert? Yes, I am definitely a dessert person, I love all things sweet. I wouldn't say I have a favorite dessert probably because it would be too hard to choose. But I do love a dessert that is presented really well. I believe that you eat with your eyes first. So if it looks amazing then I'm definitely gonna wanna try it!

What is something that sticks with you that has kept you working towards your passion? Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I truly believe that God puts the passion in people’s hearts to pursue their dreams. It's just up to them if they choose to follow that passion or not.

Your flavors are unique and sound delicious: Abuelita Hot Chocolate, Churro, Mint and Chocolate Chip - what’s your favorite and most popular? Churro is my newest and most popular flavor at the moment. Strawberry shortcake is also up there. I get positive feedback on all my flavors so it’s really just up to preference.

What's the largest order you've gotten? The largest order I've gotten was for 455 cupcakes along with a birthday cake for 50 people. All of those were done in one weekend, by myself, without any help! I really managed my time well that weekend and prepared myself throughout the week.

What's next for My Goodies by Danielle? Is there anything you'd like to tap into that maybe you haven't already? I do consider myself a very innovative baker, I'm trying to break outside the mold and go beyond the norm for cupcakes. My Goodies by Danielle is not your typical gourmet cupcake business, I love to switch things up. At the moment I’m working on creating a flavor or product that can be found exclusively at My Goodies by Danielle. There are a lot of plans and goals I've set for the New Year like selling at Christmas in the Park next year, getting my delivery/food truck to be a part of Moveable Feast  and local festivals. Basically, I just wanna keep it movin and get this dream really rollin!

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes *drooling*

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes *drooling*

I only wish the best for Danielle and I have no doubt that she will achieve these goals next year. I'll be keeping you guys updated with the latest news on My Goodies by Danielle! In the meantime...

 and lastly...enjoy our blooper reel from My Goodies by Danielle's promo vid! Obvs, we had too much fun. 

Song: The Perfect Parts by Shakey Graves

PS. We're single, #wintertimeboo