Ashley • Photo Session

It was a chilly day in downtown San Jose but the sun was out and we had the day off. Ashley is my best friend's younger sister, my fellow pearl girl, and a strong minded young woman makin' moves to better herself. When I hit her up about letting me shoot her for my portfolio I had in mind a street style backdrop in the city we both were born and raised. I'm beyond excited to share these New York state of mind in a Bay Area body themed photos of my girl. 

We met up at the historical Hotel De Anza amid some of San Jose's most popular restaurants and attractions. After paying for 1 hour parking, knowing damn well we would stay longer, Ash and I set off on our photo adventure. 

Walking down Santa Clara Street had me over the moon with all the photo opps I never realized existed until today. I mean, take the red vintage phone booth that stands outside of the Britannia Arms pub aka The Brit - a perfect spot to snap some shots of this beauty. 

On our way to The San Pedro Square Market we came across The Tabard Theatre Co. whose entrance had iron gates draped in vines with quaint lights strung across the eaves. Alongside that same theater was a long stairway that begged to be photographed so we did...

I wanted Ashley to be captured in her essence which is a mix of edgy, feminine, and calmness that she carries with her between her Stepbrother impersonations and occasional reactions to other people's road rage (ie: she was talking to me through her car Bluetooth when a some lady started honking at her to hurry up and Ash switched from courtroom to ghetto then back to "Ok, so where should I park?") Bottom line: Our midday photo session was pretty eventful. ;)

PS. Did you notice her California - We grew here, you flew here t-shirt? Love it! Follow Ashley on Instgram @aannnnnn_