Ana + Albino • Photo Session

Ana is a close girlfriend of mine. When I say close I don't mean we see each other for mandatory coffee or dinner at least once a week. The type of close I'm talking about is being able to go a year without laying an eye on each other yet never feeling like our connection or our importance to each other fades, not even a shade. Just thinking about her brings me face to face with so many memories we've shared, secrets we've revealed around bonfires and over wine, through laughs and even tears. We've seen each other through many fazes of our lives. You'd think we've known each other since kindergarten for as much as we've seen each other grow. Reality is I've know her for about 5 years, maybe more, which doesn't do us justice! Seriously, I love this girl. Her soul is as beautiful as the shell God blessed her with.

Ana became engaged last year when Albino surprised her with a trip to Seattle and he popped the question right there in Pike Place Market. As soon as I moved back home and started photographing again I told her that I HAD TO capture them. So, on New Years day, January 1st 2015, we headed over to Alum Rock Park for a chilly photo shoot where I made them recite their love story to me and snuggle up in front of my lens.

Although I was living in LA when she met her honey boo Albino, I paid close attention to every post on Instagram of these two. I knew it was something special when I saw all the effort and commitment they put into their long distance relationship, Albino being in Austin and Ana in the Bay Area. It was inspiring to see that kind of faith, love and dedication between two young and modern people living in the same world as the rest of us, handling it like champs. 

Something I'll never forgot was seeing Ana's mother comment on an Instagram photo of the both of them watching a movie together (The Goonies to be exact) while Skyping. She said, "Thanks for technology! And the fact that you two are so willing to do what it takes!" That right there for some reason stuck with me even now, a year later. So simply said, "...willing to do what it takes", meant so much to me because that is what differentiates the yes from the no, the black from the white, the will from the waver. Ana and Albino don't stop going the distance even though they're now finally living in the same city.

I love these photos. I love them. I love how we discussed Serial and how we joked that this whole photo session was really a ploy to push them off this edge here...

"Do you think she's trying to kill us?" - Albino

"Yeah...maybe we should make a run for it.." - Ana

"Hey guys yeah...just scoot over off that ledge just a little more...yeah that's it...further...further..." - Me

Oh the power of Serial and what it does to us! LOL. 

Cheers to this beautiful Pinterest perfect couple! Love you! XOXO