A couple weeks ago during the 4th of July holiday I volunteered with Holy Spirit Catholic Church on their annual mission trip to Nicaragua through a wonderful organization called Amigos for Christ. I became interested in this trip to further mold my character, my faith, and my life experience. I've always thought about doing something like this and have had many people tell me that they pictured me traveling this way but I  kept it at a safe distance in my thoughts. A nice idea and something that other people did, not me.

And then I got an email from my mom that casually mentioned there was a mission trip she had heard about from our church announcements. That same day I reached out to the parish and asked if there was room. I didn't think twice and that distant idea placed safely behind my fears and doubts moved to the front of my mind. This decision alone made me feel for the first time in a long time, deserving.

We spent our most time working with the community of La Chuscada (you can see the work Amigos for Christ has done here through The Story of La Chuscada). Our project those two weeks, in which I was a part of the first group & first week, was working on the foundation of the soon to be permanent school for their community. A previous project that we were blessed to share the official celebration for was the inauguration of water in for community of Valle Los Morenos. It was a party to celebrate running water being brought to their community. Watch this years Holy Spirit Church 2015 mission trip video, also made by Amigos for Christ.

To describe the beautiful culture of the Nicaragüense people with words would only serve as a stencil for all that God placed me in and around. Allow me to paint you a picture with photos I took while there. What this trip was meant for, what it meant to me, and what it taught me about myself are polarizing differences. I am honestly still reflecting on my week there and if I don't run off in detail about my trip it's because I'd like to keep a lot of my experiences sacred as I continue to let it sink into my soul in intervals.

I would like to say thank my support team there who ranged from North Carolina back to my hometown. These people are God sent and created a new place  in my heart, one I never knew I'd have. You know who you are and you've made my faith stronger. "Hey, you are so loved."

You can click through the photo grid below to see more of my photos from Nicaragua. I hope you love what you see and that it does my experience justice. xo

I cannot end without thanking Amigos for Christ for creating such an organization and Holy Spirit Church for welcoming me. You have flamed a fire in me so deep, I will never be the same.