Who I am

It’s rare for me to come across people who stop me in my place with advice or a good scolding. If you've been able to do this to me then you are a very important soul in my life. It was simply brought to my attention how much I don’t live in the present moment. 

“But who are you now?” – Such a simple question that provoked such an experience.

 I continually talk about the person I want to be yet fail to recognize who I am now, today, and in this moment. I seem to be so concerned with what I've had in my past and what I want for my future that I don’t even recognize where I am now in my life. How am I supposed to let go of my past if I’m constantly reflecting? How am I supposed to take the necessary steps to get to my future goals if I can’t get my head out of the clouds enough to make it happen? Expressing my desire to be a better person does no good until I am actually being a better person. Knowing where I want to go in life has no possibility if I don’t master and accept who and where I am now. 

In this moment I am 27 years old. I just moved back to the Bay Area. I am hunting for a fulfilling job that will coincide with my personal values. I am surrounded by the unwavering love and support of family. At this very moment I do not feel anxiety present. There is nothing to worry about other than the concrete facts. All the abstract distractions that could live in this moment are cleared and I feel like I've opened one of the doors, that over time, I've closed on myself. Now has never felt so damn good.