The Writing Pearl

Nearly 5 months without a blog post and I find myself in a new year. So much has changed since my last post in August of last year and even more since the August before that. Life has taken me to Southern California to live and work towards finding my career.

I struggle with my end goal as I am still deciding what I'm most passionate about. I know that I must, "Begin with the end in mind," in order to mold myself into an effective person. The path I have been building for myself is coming along little by little and I continue to lay down the bricks that pave my own way towards a career. At times I find that someone has placed a brick down for me and I am thankful. Those who have come into my life through networking have been nothing less than blessings.

I am in a new place and around new people. I constantly discuss with people around me what they'd like to do for a living in hopes that I would find my own answer but no matter who I ask or what they tell me, I am at odds with myself. Do I want to be a teacher? A counselor? A writer? I like photography but am I good enough? Do I have the right credentials? Where do I start? It's easy to talk about many things and dream out loud. Hearing myself speak on what I love to do sounds so simple and the answer seems so obvious. My true passion entails wanting to write, inspire, and continually provoke my own creativity through it all. Even as I write this my own common sense says I am deserving, I am smart enough, and that I am capable.

I hope that in the near future I can focus on one of my passions in order to see which I enjoy the most. Actually, instead of hoping for a shift in the right direction I am going to make one. New year's resolutions don't ring my bell, so this next decision is not associated with the change of a digit on my calendar. I see it as giving one of my passions a true chance to blossom into something bigger. I need to write. Write more and talk less. I will explore more than new places to eat, cool wine bars, and scenic viewpoints (although I won't stop doing all of those either). Instead of tweeting aimlessly into oblivion a deep thought provoked by a personal experience, I will expand on it through a post, learn, and help others learn from it. When I picture a certain snapshot in my head and intensely search the internet for something similar, I will instead take my DSLR out to shoot it myself. As I reblog, repin, retweet,  or reanything, I will also strive to create my own whatever it may be for others to reblog, repin, and retweet. Here's to creating :)