Cuba: In and Out of the Shadows

Alejandra Rodriguez, Havana, Cuba - December 2015

This page is dedicated to photos I took while visiting Cuba in December of 2015. There were many experiences that opened my eyes of how the human spirit can congruently be empowered and dampened by systems of government. There are shadows that both the people of Cuba and us, as Americans, live in. I sought to capture various renditions of these shadows which became my overall theme for this experience, Cuba: In and Out of the Shadows. One way I found myself explaining the experience was with the title of Maya Angelou's autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. 

But, this isn't the only thing Cuba was to me. It was alive and focused, being without the constant availability of the wifi world, I saw what it was like for the majority of people to be concentrated on their surroundings for longer periods of time. People spending a lot of time looking outside of their doors and windows, continually being present. The talent that lives in Cuba is beyond anything you'll understand unless you go there and witness it. My experience was a unique one, coated with many struggles and stressers but topped with a huge learning experience. I'd do it again but differently just as any experience should be, better than the last.