Sisters: Lorena, Angelica + Margarita • Maternity

2016_12_3_Maggie Maternity_001.jpg

I had the opportunity to photograph three sisters who are sharing something so special this year: pregnancy. Lori, Margarita, and Angelica are welcoming their baby blessings in 2016 and 2017. Lori and Ruben welcomed baby Harlow earlier this year and Angelica, Raul, and Zachary have welcomed baby Ace into the world just recently! Margarita and Jordan are patiently waiting to welcome baby Zoey in January and I'm honored to be able to capture such a unique and important time for their whole family. 

How beautiful do these girls carry pregnancy? Pregnancy goals for reals!

Ana + Albino • 1 Year Anniversary

Ana and Albino just celebrated one year of marriage. To be around such love is heart warming. To be able to capture such love through my lens is beyond inspiring and ignites another level of passion for photography inside of me. We started at Land Ends and ended the night overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA. I feel blessed beyond belief to photograph love like this. 

Samantha • Photo Session

Getting lost in San Francisco with my friend Samantha resulted in toll tickets from the Golden Gate but I love her for hanging in there with me through the goose bumps and then eating In n Out & milkshakes with me after it all. Enjoy.

Angelina + Manuel • Engaged

For Angelina and Manuel's engagement photos we headed to The Mission District in San Francisco to capture a theme that reflects their culture and the inspiration for their wedding, Día de Muertos. Congratulations on your engagement!