Hey boo hey, I’m Alejandra!

I was born and raised in the beautiful Bay Area where I’ve been drawn to ideas infused by my cultural identity that began here and whose roots extend beyond borders, in different languages, genres, flavors and colors. I grew up seeing so much beauty in nature and in the arts around me that I always wanted to capture moments just how I saw and felt them. My editing style reflects this as I try my best to authentically portray the natural colors of the experiences that play out in front of me.

I LOVE love and being able to capture it through my lens and giving those moments back to my clients fulfills me. This rhythm of experiencing, capturing, and creating is my ode to self-care.

I’m a June baby who is passionate about representation and creating from the Soul. I offer an experience that I believe everyone deserves; one that’s intimate, soulful, and captures candid emotion.

If you like what you see and think I'm a perfect fit to photograph what you have in mind, let’s work together!